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Proudly Serving Ocean & Monmouth Counties

Sturdy Vinyl Bulkheads & Retaining Walls

Increase the curb appeal of your home or business with vinyl bulkheads and retaining walls from S.S. Bulkheading LLC. Unlike other contractors, we'll listen to your needs to give you a waterfront property that's sure to outshine your neighbors' properties.

Protection from Erosion

Though commonly used to make coastline properties look more attractive, retaining walls and vinyl bulkheads also provide you with ample protection from erosion. Feel at ease knowing your attractive and durable wall or bulkhead will protect you during the next major weather event.

Bulkhead - Vinyl Bulkheads
Erosion is a major problem which cost property owners millions of dollars each year. Once you lose part of your shore line to erosion it's impossible to ever get it back. When S.S. Bulkheading LLC builds a vinyl, wood or steel bulkhead you can be sure that it will be installed safely and reliably. Ocean County Property owners can be sure to count on our train technicians and up to date products to maintain the strength under any weather condition. Traditional materials like wood, concrete and steel are highly susceptible to rodding. We are a certified installer of Chnce Helical and foundation pilings. S.S. Bulkheading LLC will evaluate your situation, select the right materials and recommended the most cost effective materials for your project. Call us today for a free estimate!
Bulkhead Repair - Vinyl Bulkheads

Although our team's retaining wall and vinyl bulkhead installations are available all year long, we strongly recommend starting the permit process well in advance of your needed completion date. This way, we can start to build without any delay.

If your retaining wall is far too damaged to salvage, don't worry. S.S. Bulkheading LLC will build and install a replacement just for you.

Contact us to give your coastline property style and protection with a vinyl bulkhead.